Trust is the backbone of our business

When we say you can trust us to deliver a quality home and easy building experience, we mean it – and we have many proud customers who will back that statement up. We fulfil our promises and will deliver your new home with transparency and reliability. Suppliers and trades want to work with us because they know we have integrity, and will always stand by the promises we make.

We are completely transparent in our procedures, and our service is personal

You will know exactly what you are building, exactly what you are paying, and exactly when you will be moving in. We prioritise your expectations and will communicate clearly with you every step of the way. Our service is personal – we are honest and genuine in our approach – and you will not feel like just another number. We will build your home as if we were building it for one of our own friends.

Our prices are honest, upfront and
competitive, and our speed to site
will save you money

We have market-leading pricing that is all-inclusive. We will give you a full set of plans at tender stage so you know exactly what you are getting upfront, with no hidden costs. We will get your home started on site as soon as possible, and we have market-leading pre-construction and construction timeframes backed by our Tempo Living guarantees. Our speed to site and guaranteed build time will save you money in rent and interest. We will not request any money from you until you are comfortable to commit to Tempo Living.

Our homes are better value and higher quality

You will get more for your money with us. We build with quality inclusions that are considered upgrades elsewhere to create a home that is both luxurious and attainable. Our homes are considerate of the environment – materials and suppliers have been thoughtfully chosen to reduce the carbon footprint during the building process – and our interior design team has taken the latest trends and created colour palettes and interior themes so you can easily select what best suits your style. We pride ourselves on our workmanship, and that is evident in the finished product.

Our team is incredibly experienced,
and it shows in our designs

Our functional and efficient designs are the product of our considerable combined experience creating homes and lifestyles people love. Our homes have been designed with you in mind: how you move around your home and what’s practical for you at your stage of life. Space is used cleverly to cater to real families and integrated living. Our experience means you will have a smooth and positive building journey that is free of surprise costs, and take delivery of a home you will be proud of.

Our Guarantees

You’ll have peace of mind throughout the entire building process thanks to our Tempo Living Guarantees such as guaranteed completion date and fixed site costs.
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Elite Essential Inclusions

Experience the Tempo Living difference through our Elite Essential Inclusions. What other builders may offer as upgrades, we simply include as standard.
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Move in Ready

At Tempo Living our homes are Move In Ready. This means you’ll know exactly what you’re building, exactly what you’re paying & exactly when you’re going to move in.
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Tempo Living

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Email: hello@tempohomes.com