Build a home that can double your investment return!

A two in one investment property can become a reality with Tempo Living.

We have uniquely designed dual-key homes that can provide you with two rental streams from the one property.

Tempo Living Dual-Key Investment

We understand that investors are always looking for the most efficient methods to leverage their investment and increase their yields. Typically, in areas such as Sydney (and most other metropolitan areas) investment yields tend to hover around the 1-2% mark with 5% returns usually being the standard for commercial or industrial properties. A dual key investment property can provide a higher yield investment opportunity and the ability to pay off your investment loan faster due to the increased cash flow from your investment.

What is a dual-key and how does it work?

Effectively, our dual-key range looks just like a normal home from the street (which helps your re-sale by the way) while inside there are actually two different homes. On one side you will find a four-bedroom family home, with spacious living areas, outdoor alfresco and bedrooms with built-ins and walk-in to the main. The other side of your home will feature a well appointed two-bedroom granny flat which includes a spacious bathroom, full kitchen, generous combined living and dining area with a large backyard. That’s a lot of accommodation for your investment dollar! And you don’t need acres of land to create this opportunity – you will only require 450sqm of land!

The Benefits

Higher Yields!

A dual-key investment generally provides far higher yields when compared to normal residential rental properties in the same suburb.

Save on Stamp Duty!

Every penny counts when it comes to property investment, so when you enter into a contract to build a Tempo Living Dual Key, you won’t be paying stamp duty.

No Extra Costs!

Depending on where you build, other investment types such as a duplex can burden you with extra fees and charges such as strata levies. You can save yourself from these headaches and accounting nightmares. A dual key investment property is treated as though it’s a single home.

Proportionately lower risk!

As the saying goes – the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Dual-keys investments often buck that trend. When considering other options with the similar yields such as commercial or industrial properties, a dual-key investment generally carries lower levels of investment risk due to the traditional security and consistency of the residential property market.

How to get involved?

Arrange an initial no-obligation consultation with one of our investment consultants today.

Tempo Living provides multiple opportunities for you to become involved in dual-key property investment. We can work with you to create an appropriate design if you already have your own suitable land or you can select from one of our own Tempo Living House and Land Packages.

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